I must make a deviation from accepted norms by singling out a very young vocalist who sang in the afternoon session at Indian Fine Arts. Kumari. M.K.Jayanthi revealed high professional calibre in her approach. It was difficult to believe that such a young girl could measure up to the exacting demands of the idiom.

Let me recapitulate a few significant landmarks in her singing. She did the Saveri Varnam in two Kalas. She processed Shrutibedha phrases in her Todi Raga Alapana, by transposing the scale with the Rishaba as the base, and attempted successfully Nadaswaram phrases. The kriti “Telisi Rama” was laced with Tisra gathi in the Chittaiswaram. She rendered tight swaraprasthara in the inverted chapa tala in the kriti in Thodi ‘Mora Petta.’ Indeed, a singer of great promise who should be elevated to the mid-afternoon session.

— by Subbudu (The Indian Express)

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